Offroad / Beadlock

Offroad / Beadlock

Dynamic Wheel Co is passionate about bringing you the finest quality products for off road trucks, off road buggies, 4x4's and UTV's

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Dirty Life Dual-Tek Beadlock

Dual-Tek series from Dirty Life is the ultimate DOT beadlock wheel. No longer do you need two sets of wheels for the street and the trail. Mount your tires using the standard DOT bead seat for street use or choose the functional beadlock seat for off-road use.

Genuine beadlock ring is available as an optional extra.

Dirty Life UTV

The Dirty Life Roadkill 9302 wheels are a high quality wheel for your ATV or UTV and are manufactured with a bead lock ring that allows you to go places where other wheels can't take you. Available in 14x7 and 15x7 sizes.

Dynamic Steel Genuine Beadlock

Dynamic Wheel Co offer a range of genuine beadlock wheels in a variety of fitments to allow you to go further off-road.

Designed for off-road use only.

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